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Facebook Pages 101

Facebook Pages 101

written by on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Facebook has become a part of our everyday life. No I am not referring to mindlessly looking at photos of your college roommate’s new puppy nor your mom’s latest rant about last week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. I’m talking about how Facebook can be an important (and FREE) tool for your business! It can boost awareness, communication, and most importantly, profit for your business. How? Well first things first. STOP LIKING BABY PHOTOS and create your company’s own page.

1. Create a Business Facebook page.

Pages are organized by categories, pick the one that is closest to your business. You’ll create this very similarly to how you created your personal page.

2. Post “likeable” information.

Photos, quotes, coupons! The options are endless, just post something that your followers will want to see.

3. Put your employees to work!

Sorry to break it to you, but chances are your employees are looking at Facebook at some point during their work day. Put them to use promoting your company via Facebook. It can be as simple as “Another great day at Usable Creative!” or something as unique what Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri DDS is doing with her company’s Facebook. 

Dr. Maestri has a blog where she writes a few posts each month. Recently, Dr. Maestri featured each of her employees in a blog series titled, Meet The Team! Each week, Dr. Maestri posted a new blog highlighting members of her team, one week its Meet the Hygienists, next week its Meet the Dental Assistants and so on. 
When the blogs are published, Dr. Maestri posts the blogs to Dr. Gina Liggio Maestri, DDS Family Dentist’s Facebook page. She then asks her employees to share the posts on their personal Facebook pages. This expands the reach of the post. Just to show you how powerful this tool can be, here’s an example. 
  • Dr. Maestri posts “Meet the Hygienists” = the post gets 560 views. 
  • Amber and Amy (the hygienists) “Share” the post on their own wall = the post gets 500 more views, totaling over 1,000 views! 
See how easy it can be? You can increase your company’s outreach with just a few likes!

Want to be more “likeable?”

Usable Creative is a web design and development firm with a passion for helping small businesses succeed. We provide an array of services such as copywriting, print design and website design. Let’s start a conversation about how we can boost interaction with your small business.